On March 2nd, 2013 starts a new show on TVN Style called "O Matko!" The presenter, Kasia Bosacka, chose our products:)

kasia bosacka o matko

Dzień Dobry TVN April 12th, 2012

Pytanie na śniadanie TVP1 May 23rd, 2011

Kawa czy herbata TVP2 May 28th, 2011

TV4 presenter Marta Leleniewska


"Dobra Mama" magazine issue June-July. Marta Leleniewska in our new maternity dress.  

marta leleniewska my tummy


The backstage from the photo session of our Marylin maternity dress :)

The backstage from the photo session of spring/summer 2012 collection. We invite those who want to see more :)


"In their Summer collection My Tummy thought about football fans. You can buy maternity t-shirts for Euro 2012 fans..." - Mama z klasą :)


XXth final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity is getting closer. Don't miss our auctions :) 



"Dobra mama" issue November 2011

dobra mama november

"M jak mama" issue December 2011

 M jak mama december 2011

"Breastfeeding, but often as you go outside for a walk or to meet with your friends you feel uncomfortable with breastfeeding in public? ...." - Mama z klasą :)


Trade shows "Mamy Dziecko" Szczecin October 15-16, 2011 

targi mamy dziecko


"Dobra Mama" issue October-November 2011

dobra mama


"M jak mama" issue October 2011

dzieci dodają mi skrzydeł joanna komorniczak


"Comfortable material, soft fabrics and fashionable colors with classic black and juicy red..." - Mama z klasą:)


Trade shows "Moje Dziecko" Warsaw August 27-28, 2011

my tummy targi


"M jak mama" issue September 2011 

m jak mama violetta rozbicka


breast feeding


"Dobra Mama" issue August-September 2011

anna korcz


my tummy t-shirts


"M jak mama" issue July 2011 

anna dereszowska


"Dobra Mama" issue June-July 2011

my tummy maternity t-shirts


"M jak mama" issue February 2011


my tummy inbox


Trade shows „Moje Dziecko" Warsaw 28-29.08.2010.

targi moje dziecko my tummy


Trade shows „Mother & Baby" Warsaw 19-20.06.2010.

my tummy targi

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